Who Is The Kabaka Of Buganda, His Background, Age And More

Ronald Edward Ferederick Muwenda Mutebi II is the Kabaka (King) Of Buganda. He was born on 13th April 18955 at Mulago Hospital. And he is the 36th King Of Buganda.

Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II was born to Edward Ferederick William David Walugembe Mutebi Luwangula Muteesa II and Nabakyaala Sarah Nalule Omuzaana Kabejja Of the Nkima Clan.

How He Claimed The Throne.

Muwenda Mutebi went to Buddo Junior school, King’s Mead school in Sussex and Brad-field college a public school in West Barkshire.

He then joined Magdalene college in Cambridge where he read social anthropology and law though was rusticated before he earned his degree.

At the age of 11 Kabaka Muwenda was appointed the Heir Apparent by His father while in exile, this was on 6th August 1966. His father while in exile worked as a double glazzing salesman in the United Kingdom.

His father also worked as a journalist, he was the editor of the African Concord Magazine and a member of the African National Congress in London.

He succeeded the Ruler of the Royal House of Buganda upon the death of his father on 21st November 1969.

Muwenda Mutebi II returned to Uganda in 1988 after the Obote II regime was removed. He was proclaimed on 24th July 1993 upon the retoration of Kingdoms at Buddo.

Later on he was crowned at Buddo 0n 31st July 1993 and he gained the title of His Majesty and his capital Mengo.

Ronald Muwenda Mutebi’s Married Life.

Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II is married to his one wife whom he wedded on 27th August 1999. His wife is Nabagereka Sylivia Nagginda.

She is a daughter to John Mulumba Luswata From Nkumba Kyaddondo a member of omusu clan and Rebecca Nakintu Musoke who currently lives in Newyork.

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